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After arriving at Sacramento International Airport there are a few options of how to transfer from the airport to your destination, including buses. Before heading to the bus stop that is located in the ground transportation zone adjacent to the baggage claim area of your terminal of arrival, please remember to collect your luggage from the baggage claim area.

Public Transportation Bus

Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) runs Route 142, an express bus service between downtown Sacramento and the airport.

The fare is paid in exact change on the bus and is $3.25 for a single adult journey.

Yolobus has two routes servicing the airport, Route 42A and Route 42 B. The routes operate every hour from early morning to late evening 7 days a week.

Route 42A starts in downtown Sacramento and goes through West Sacramento, Davis, Woodland, Sacramento International Airport and back to downtown Sacramento in an intercity loop going clockwise.

Route 42B is the opposite of Route 42A going in the counterclockwise direction with the same stops.

To go from the airport to downtown Sacramento Route 42A is the best option and travel time is around 25 minutes.

To go from downtown Sacramento to the airport Route 42B is the best option with the same travel time as the opposite direction, around 25 minutes.

Children under the age of 5 travel for free while a single adult is $2.25. Discounts are available for youth, disabled and seniors with certain ID cards. Fares may be paid in exact change on the bus.

The three routes combined offer connections with downtown Sacramento every 20-30 minutes every day of the week, beginning in the early mornings and ending in the late evening.

Shuttles for Persons with Disability

Paratransit offers airport shuttle services to registered disabled customers. Reservations have to be made at least two business days in advance through calling +1 916 429-2744.

If the traveler is from out-of-town they may use the Paratransit service if they are already registered with a similar service in their home town, while local customers have to be a registered customer in advance of making the reservation. Take into account that the customer registration can take up to 21 days to take effect. To register, please call +1 916 557-4685.

Med Star is another company operating airport shuttle service to disabled travelers. For more information and to make reservations please call +1 916 669-0550.

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