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Sacramento International Airport Transfers

When arriving at Sacramento International Airport please remember to collect your luggage from the baggage claim area before proceeding to your choice of transfer from the airport.

When departing from the airport please remember to collect your belongings from your means of transfer before proceeding to enter the airport.

The options for transfer from or to Sacramento Airport are rental car, public transportation or taxi, as well as pre-arranged options such as hotel shuttle or a ride share service.

Rental Cars at Sacramento International Airport

All the rental car companies at Sacramento Airport are located in the rental car terminal on airport grounds. Rental car shuttles operate between the flight terminals and the rental car terminal with an interval of approximately every 10 minutes, although waiting times may be longer during the airport’s peak hours of early mornings and late evenings.

The shuttles depart and arrive at the designated stops outside the baggage claim areas on the ground transportation levels of both terminals and it only takes a few minutes to get to the rental car terminal.

On return be mindful to get on a shuttle that goes to your terminal of departure as the shuttles are assigned by terminal.

Off-airport rental car companies associated with the airport will pick up and drop off their customers at the rental car terminal.

It is advised to make reservations for equipped vehicles at least 48 to 72 hours in advance.

Public Transport Buses at Sacramento International Airport

There are direct bus connections between Sacramento Airport and downtown Sacramento departing from, or arriving at, the airport every 20-30 minutes from early morning to late evening every day of the week, operated by SacRT (Sacramento Regional Transit District, Express bus Route 142, and Yolobus, Route 42A and Route 42B.

The two Yolobus routes are opposite each other with one going clockwise and one going counter-clockwise in a loop from downtown Sacramento, through West Sacramento, Davis, Woodland, Sacramento International Airport and back to Sacramento, (42A) or the other way around (42B).

Tickets can be purchased in exact change on the bus. Travel time between Sacramento Airport and downtown Sacramento is around 25 minutes depending on which Route you choose.

Taxis at Sacramento International Airport

SITOA, Sacramento Independent Taxi Owners Association, is contracted to provide the airport with available taxi cabs and a certain level of customer service and quality of equipment. While there are many taxi companies servicing Sacramento Airport through SITOA all official airport taxis are white and carry airport branding.

Taxis are found at the taxi ranks located on ground transportation level outside the baggage claim area of each of the terminals. There are signs to follow to easily locate them.

The journey to downtown Sacramento from the airport takes around 20 minutes depending on traffic, and the fare for the journey is around $35-40. Seniors and military personnel may be eligible for a 20% discount.

App-Based Ride Shares

There are companies offering rideshare services to and from the airport. These services have to be ordered in advance through the respective company’s app or website. Pick-ups are allowed only in designated ranks in the same area as the taxi ranks, outside the baggage claim area on ground transportation level.

Shuttles for Persons with Disability at Sacramento International Airport

Paratransit and Med Star are two companies organizing shuttle services to disabled travelers.